Sabbath Hymn #3

To tune of “Sing of the Lord’s Goodness”

  1. This is the beginning of all the creation. / This is the day life burst forth. / God sang into being all that is around us / In east and west, south and north.

Refrain:  Sing praise to our God with wonder and rejoicing. / Sing of God’s great glory and deep care. / Creation, redemption, wisdom, liberation, / Here now are the gifts we share.

  1. This is the great journey into our new freedom; / Our God today brought us out / From Pharaoh’s oppression, into our new homeland; / God frees us despite our doubt.
  1. This is the day angels rolled back the grey tombstone. / O, death, where now is your sting? / For Christ is arisen and comes to feast with us. / All robed in new life, we sing.
  1. This is the new advent of the Holy Spirit, / Red tongues of flame now descend. / Ever she is with us, comforting and guiding, / Our advocate and our friend.
  1. This is the grand banquet of Jesus’ new kingdom; / Here is the abundant feast. / All nations together join in joy and justice. / Binding all are cords of peace.

(As always, feel free to use and share… just give me credit and talk to me if you want to adapt it.)

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