Sabbath Hymn #2

To tune “Ellacombe” (“We Sing the Mighty Power of God”)

  1. On this blest day, the Queen of Days, / A palace built in time, / We come, O Holy One, to praise / And cherish things sublime. / All that we have is Yours alone. / Without You, who could stand? / So we delight in all that is, / All offered by Your hand.
  1. Yet as at Babel, we forget / That we are not as gods. / The storm is not calmed by our will, / Nor earth moved by our prods. / We scurry through our anxious days / Afraid to slow our pace. / Our schedules packed, to-do lists long, / Leave little room for grace
  1. So come to us, remind us here / Of love that makes us whole. / Come, gently pry from our firm grasp / The impulse to control. / Replace it with the gratitude / And certainty of life / That finds in you a resting place, / A respite from all strife.
  1. Your precious gift of Sabbath time / We long to fully know, / That we may find you everywhere / And all our lives may show / The strength of our conviction / That You, our God, are true – / The freedom of the living / That gladly trusts in You.

(As always, feel free to use and share… just give me credit and talk to me if you want to adapt it.)

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