Upcoming events

Friday play dates:

  • 6:30 to 8:30 pm
  • space for 5 people
  • Reserve your spot at contact page or at starpilgrim.studio@gmail.com
  • First time free, after that $10-$15 suggested donation
  • All supplies provided
  • You may wish to bring a journal and something to write with.
  • In person in my North Manchester studio (contact me if you have interest in an online group)
  • New people can join anytime; however, the easiest times to make your first card(s) will be during “beginner / free play” evenings.

May 8, Beginner / free play gathering (2 spaces remaining)

In Elkhart, on the campus of AMBS, we will join together for an introductory workshop. This will be the same pattern as normal Friday play dates, just a different location.

May 19, Community card making (canceled)

Community cards are made to represent external, real-world influences in our personal lives: people, places, events that have made an impact and continue to have echoes and voices in our present. We will review how to make a card intentionally and will each pick, as an intention, a community member to explore. For this session, you may want to pick an intention ahead of time so that you can gather/print pictures of that person, place, event to bring with you. If you have questions about this, let me know!

June 23, beginner cardmaking / free play

July 28, Committee card making

August 25, Encountering our challengers (must have at least 1 card)

September 29, Using cards to discern (must have at least 5 cards)

October 27, beginner cardmaking / free play

November 24, undecided (make a request!)

December 29, Embracing the past year

Play date topics:

Companion card making

We will go through a guided reflection to discover, interact with, and make a card for an animal that is the “companion” of an area of your body. In this practice, you may eventually have up to 7 companion animals, one for pelvis/root, lower abdomen/sacrum, upper abdomen/solar plexus, chest / heart, throat, head / third eye, and just above the top of your head / crown. You don’t need to be familiar with chakras or comfortable with chakra language to do this exercise.

Council card making

Council cards represent archetypes, the large forces at play in ourselves and the world, figures that are part of the universal stories we tell and are formed by. Archetypes are often present in myths, fairy tales, dreams, epic stories; they are characters like the Fool, the Sage, the Ruler, the Parent, the Child, etc. Council cards may also be universal dynamics or qualities like Serenity, Devotion, Hope, etc. We will learn how to make a card intentionally and will each pick, as an intention, an archetype to explore.

Holy Saturday, Reflective Card Making

On Holy Saturday, between the horror of Good Friday and the hallelujah of Easter Sunday, the church calendar holds its breath. In the waiting, in the stillness, in the quiet, we will pause together to seek the transformation that is hidden in the depths.

I have so appreciated Laura’s kind and insightful spiritual direction. She was good at reminding me about earlier conversations, so that with each session, we were able to build on what we worked with previously. While Laura is pleasant to be with and easy to talk to, she also offered insights that challenged me and… Continue reading Kathy