Laura Stone, MDiv

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I strive to be a farmer of hope,
a fisher of people,
a forger of plowshares,
a student of paradox,
a follower of The Way,
a shepherd of dreams,
a quilter of community,
a connoisseur of simplicity,
a daughter of Love,
and a co-creator of life.
When I manage any of that, I do it through the God whose joy is my strength, the Christ who beckons ever forward, and the Spirit who dances grace around the whole world.

My name is Laura Stone, and I am a Church of the Brethren seminary graduate, living in small-town Indiana.  I am a spiritual director, former chaplain at Timbercrest Senior Living Community in North Manchester, current District Minister for the South/Central Indiana district.  I do much thinking about what it means to be Anabaptist and Pietist in the midst of illness, aging, and grief, and about what faith has to do with the ways I minister and live.  My professional experience is in mental health, music ministry, academics, teaching, writing, and chaplaincy.  I am also interested in intentional communities (especially Christian ones), quilting, sci-fi, and contra dancing.

My spiritual direction practice is available to anyone who wants to explore their relationship with the Divine in the midst of their daily life. I am particularly interested in helping to foster resilience, purpose, and hope in the midst of healthcare situations — those with chronic illnesses and grief, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. Contact me for a free initial conversation if you are interested!

I also am passionate about SoulCollage® a simple yet profound creative way to engage many different parts of self. It connects with Jungian psychology and spirituality, as well as Internal Family Systems Theory. It is a chance to go deeper by engaging images and revealing powerful insights. I facilitate this with groups and individuals. If you are curious, contact me for a conversation!

I look forward to continuing on this faith adventure alongside all of you.

Blessings in the moments.