SoulCollage® is a playful, creative process that uses images to discover messages from deep Inner Wisdom. No artistic skill is required, and the process will meet you where you are. The process is a meeting of internal family systems theory and Jungian frameworks, but you don’t need to know any of that to enjoy the creative and serendipitous aspects. Images can do an end-run around ego and distractions to reveal a depth that is just waiting to be explored, eager to be listened to.

SoulCollage® might be for you if:

  • you are drawn to colors and images (even if you don’t consider yourself artistic)
  • you sense a depth of wisdom you want to explore
  • life feels a little stuck or uncomfortable but you aren’t sure why
  • you want to tap into your intuition more fruitfully
  • serendipity makes your heart sing

I facilitate 90 minute introduction sessions for individuals and groups. Watch my calendar for occasional free taster opportunities in my studio.

There are many layers to the practice, so if you have already made some cards, ask me about more opportunities for intentional card making, card draws for discernment, companion animal reflections, and more.

SoulCollage® official website

Laura has been a wonderful support for me whilst I deepen my own relationship with Divine Love. Her thoughtful and inspired questions help me to explore my spiritual life so deeply and as a result it’s so much easier to see that God is actually pursuing me.