Laura has been a wonderful support for me whilst I deepen my own relationship with Divine Love. Her thoughtful and inspired questions help me to explore my spiritual life so deeply and as a result it’s so much easier to see that God is actually pursuing me.


Spiritual direction in combination with SoulCollage led me on a path of inner awareness and acceptance of who I am and my beliefs. It provided a safe non-judgmental space where I could vocalize my fears, my doubts, and my own personal past/present experiences. It has taught me how to reach inside and bring to the… Continue reading Deja


I was reluctant to try SoulCollage, as I tend to believe I have my emotional and spiritual health under control all on my own. However, the experience was very gentle and insightful. Through the sessions, Laura led me to find questions I didn’t know I had, and perhaps answers I didn’t know I needed. I used… Continue reading Heather


I have so appreciated Laura’s kind and insightful spiritual direction. She was good at reminding me about earlier conversations, so that with each session, we were able to build on what we worked with previously. While Laura is pleasant to be with and easy to talk to, she also offered insights that challenged me and… Continue reading Kathy


During my time with Laura I had the opportunity for a major career change. Having her walk with me through this transition allowed me to see the experience more vividly and feel the transition deeply by recognizing the holy in tender moments.


With Soul Collage, Laura creates an intuitive space to enter into, that has opened up creative inquiry for me. My second experience, now months ago, continues to guide me, with the soul collage card sitting on my kitchen windowsill, reminding me to “wait”.