Spiritual Direction

With the Holy Spirit as the director of the process, directees and I tend to the movement of the divine within their daily lives. Though I am not the expert in the room, I have experience with the landscape, its beauties and dangers, its possibilities and its aches, experience that allows me to help directees notice, name, nurture, claim, and respond to that of God already present.

People often seek spiritual direction in times of:

  • discernment and decision making
  • spiritual darkness or staleness
  • transitions or adjustments to new realities
  • questions that keep asking for attention
  • creative abundance looking for outlet

Direction can be ongoing or shorter-term. I work with my directees usually one hour each month, usually in my studio. The initial session is free. If you are interested or feel nudged to explore this, contact me through this website!

Laura has been a wonderful support for me whilst I deepen my own relationship with Divine Love. Her thoughtful and inspired questions help me to explore my spiritual life so deeply and as a result it’s so much easier to see that God is actually pursuing me.