Sabbath Hymn #1

This and the next 3 posts are hymns I wrote a couple years ago for a final project in a class on Jewish and Christian understandings of Sabbath.

To the tune of “O, The Deep, Deep Love of Jesus”

1.  Sabbath sweetness fills our beings / Wrapping us in cloaks of love. / Full of grace, we practice freeing / All our time to reach above. / No more must our worth be measured / By our products, wealth, or skill; / But we each are known and treasured, / Called “beloved,” urged, “be still.”

2.  Though the work is never finished, / Though the road is long and rough, / With God’s vision in this Sabbath, / We have faith it is enough. / As God rested from all labor, / So we cease our livelihood. / As God basked in new creation, / So we say, “Yes! It is good!”

3.  Sabbath feasting calls us deeper / Into all eternity. / Set the table for the nations; / Bind our hearts in unity. / Here we glimpse the feast that frees us. / Here we taste of justice bread. / Here we journey on together / Toward that day when all are fed.

4.  God, be with us in this Sabbath; / Be our strength, our joy, our peace. / As we rest, come rest within us; / Let our frantic worry cease. / As we feast may our rejoicing / Mirror your delighting way, / Till we find that all our living / Is made richer by this day.

(As always, feel free to use and share… just give me credit and talk to me if you want to adapt it.)

1 thought on “Sabbath Hymn #1”

  1. Laura,
    I found the link to your blog when reading your blog on the BL&T site.
    Thank you for this hymn. As I struggle to find hope this Advent season, your hymn brings a fresh spirit I need. Blessings as you continue writing.
    Karen Garrett

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