Train trips and transitions

I am transitioning in my ministry career from full time chaplaincy at Timbercrest Senior Living Community to being full time District Executive Minister for the south/central Indiana district of the Church of the Brethren. I don't see as much discontinuity between those two roles as many folks have expressed... realities of compassion fatigue, transition, loss,… Continue reading Train trips and transitions


Explore the website!

Hello, lovely people. I wanted to let you know that I have transitioned this blog into a fuller website for my spiritual direction and SoulCollage® practice. Please take some time to explore, and let me know if you have questions or interest. Also, after a long hiatus from posting, I intend to be using this… Continue reading Explore the website!


Blast from the past

Hi, folks. I apologize if you are one of the people who get emails about this blog -- you just got a bunch of them!  I discovered that my old blog was in the process of disappearing but that I could still access the admin site.  So I decided to transfer all 90 posts over… Continue reading Blast from the past


Seen and Loved

When the posture of shame tempts us to close in on ourselves, we can find the courage to reach for Jesus and one another. When we offer ourselves to Jesus, warts and all, we will hear him say “I see you and I love you.” We will sense Jesus inviting us to stand tall, free and open to all the beauty life has to offer.


God has made laughter (sermon, 6/18/17)

  Preached at Manchester Church of the Brethren. Scripture reference: Genesis 18:1-15, 21: 1-7 **God has made laughter** (song by Kathy Wonson Eddy)  Lyrics: God has made laughter, laughter for me. (x3) Is anything impossible for God?  Everyone who hears will laugh with me! (x3) Is anything impossible for God? Sarah is such a complicated… Continue reading God has made laughter (sermon, 6/18/17)


Emmaus Farewell music

A while ago I wrote lyrics that caught the musical interest of a couple of very talented composer friends.  Here are their two versions of music written for that text.  They are incredibly different and both very precious, beautiful, and fitting in their own right. Please let me know if you want to print or play… Continue reading Emmaus Farewell music


Romans 13:1-7… Patriotism or parody?

In honor of election season and the Anabaptist discussions that inevitably come up about faith and government, here's a study I did way back when (5 years ago?) on the most often cited passage in the argument for obeying the state.  Enjoy.  =) Romans 13:1-7 is arguably one of the most debated and difficult passages… Continue reading Romans 13:1-7… Patriotism or parody?



There are so many kinds of silence. The silence that envelops like a warm quilt, tucked up tight. The silence that chafes and itches, pacing along the walls of anxiety’s prison. The silence that expects and hopes and yearns. The silence that holds its breath and stands stock still, waiting for… for what? The silence… Continue reading Silence


Chaplaincy journal 5: One Day

Alex sits in his wheelchair watching Jeopardy with his wife.  His right arm is drooping and, though he is following the conversation with big eyes like a three or four year old might, he only now and again says "I don't know" or "okay."  His wife tells me of the 7 TIAs, 2 strokes, bladder surgery and prostate surgery he… Continue reading Chaplaincy journal 5: One Day


Chaplaincy journal 4: Precious

She broke her hip and now it's infected.  Two months of hospital time.  She misses her dog.  She isn't sure why she fell.  She's walked down that hall thousands of times before and been just fine.  She's glad she and her husband got those necklaces, though, the ones where you push the button and they… Continue reading Chaplaincy journal 4: Precious