Sabbath Hymn #4

To the tune of “How Deep the Father’s Love for Us”

  1. O God, we come to you this day / With tension, fear, and worry. / Our minds can scarcely slow their pace, / Our bodies cease their hurry. / Repent, Beloved, turn to me. / On six blessed days you labor, / But this, the seventh, bids you cease; / Find purpose in my favor.
  1. O God, our bones ache for repose; / Our spirits long for silence; / Emotions, intellects are worn; / Relations marred by violence. / Have faith, Beloved, come to me, / And find my yoke is easy. / The rest that fills and makes you whole, / I offer to you freely.
  1. O God, we long to be content, / To choose your ways with fervor, / To cherish and engage the world, / To live in You forever. / Embrace, Beloved, all my ways; / Delight to find your freedom. / Intend my love in all you do. / So shall you know true wisdom.
  1. O God, we seek you and rejoice, / Through music, food, affection; / The beauty all around us shows, / In splendor, your reflection. / Here feast, Beloved, and draw near; / In prayer and praise be constant. / My kingdom is among you now, / In this eternal instant.

(As always, feel free to use and share… just give me credit and talk to me if you want to adapt it.)

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