Meme 2

What five things in my life do I take for granted?

1) Having full use of my hands — I have always found hands fascinating and recently I’ve noticed how many things I wouldn’t be able to do without them. Piano / organ / guitar, crocheting, typing, writing, back rubs,….

2) Farm fresh food — I always remember this when I travel, but when I’m here at the farm, I forget that it’s not usual to have spinach salad from greens just picked from our gardens the day before or honey from our own bees or milk, yogurt, cheese, ice cream, bagles, danishes, applesauce, etc. all processed on the farm and made with our own products as much as possible

3) A car that works well and money for travel — I was noticing that this week in thinking about guests at the farm who don’t have access to cars. I love the feeling of freedom and options that I have when I have my own mode of transportation (though I try to use it as little as possible). I suspect I would feel trapped if I had no access to easy travel.

4) my Christian upbringing — I grew up having Bible stories as bedtime stories and going to church and being surrounded by people who were ever trying to live more morally and virtuously. My faith, more than anything else, has given me hope and ability to love, and I was blessed to have such a great jumpstart in the life of faith as a child.

5) Literacy — I can read, and I love it. I, in fact, have no idea what I’d do if I couldn’t read…

And there are many other things, too… but that’s five… and laundry is still waiting for me. 😉

So, same folk — mom, sarahesperanza, and monica

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