GRE for me

I seem to like acronymns lately…

So I’m preparing for the GRE and finding that my vocabulary isn’t as large as I would like to to be… or as large as ETS would like it to be, perhaps is more accurate. Who ever uses words like “multifarious” and “stygian” and “meretricious” and “opprobriate”? I suppose I’ve heard them somewhere along the line, but… It is now officially my goal to correctly label as many things “stygian” as humanly possible. But I guess I’m not doing too badly on the vocabulary thing — Mr. ETS says that I’m still decent compared to most of the population of GRE test-takers…

But I’m also finding that I love math and dearly miss it. I lept out of bed this morning, my Sunday, to take the math section of the practice test, which I’d been too sleepy last night to attempt. I spent a whole hour taking the test and then more time correcting my answers. And I had fun! Most of my mistakes were, as they often are, careless. I’m thoroughly amazed that I remember so much. Am I a nerd?

I’ve decided to stop practicing or studying because the scores I got on the practice exams are scores with which I’m satisfied. But that means that the actual test-taking date is closer than I had originally thought (since I should take them as soon as I can). Which means that I’m starting to feel the adrenaline / anxiety rush of being an academician again… I like it. And, I wonder, am I ready to go back?

Wish me luck!

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