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Five reasons I blog:

1) Friends and family asked me to keep in touch, and I am notoriously bad at writing letters and returning phone calls and e-mails.

2) I don’t often massage my ego in such a direct way — but I find blogging to be, in some ways, refreshingly narcissistic.

3) I fancy myself a decent writer and this gives me an opportunity (as most of you other bloggers have already said) to dip my toes in the waters of writing for public consumption.

4) It is a good way to do some journaling-type-stuff — processing aloud, as it were, of the many things that happen day to day. It also keeps me thinking about what parts of my life are noteworthy or funny or abnormal or interesting or… Sometimes, otherwise, I’m tempted to take my life for granted.

5) I feel slightly guilty when I don’t… And besides, it can be a splendid way to procrastinate on things like… oh… like doing laundry, for example… not that I was supposed to do laundry today and am avoiding it or anything…nope… that’s definitely not why I’m blogging right now…ahem…

So I’m supposed to tag someone, but I don’t know that I know many bloggers that haven’t already been tagged. So mom, you’re it (if you catch this); sarahesperanza, you too; and Monica.

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