I’m in the process of picking a cat (or possibly two). Here are my choices at this point:

Lyra — white calico with lots of energy, eight months old. Like MacGyver (my brother’s cat) in that once she starts playing, she never wants to stop, but she can be quite affectionate in the right moment.

Gabby — gray tiger (looks like Ernie, one of my former cats). Shy but not defensive. 2 years old, trusting, definite lap cat. Not sure how playful she is… Great motor.

Brie — black with white nose, eight weeks old. Kitten-like playfulness. Doesn’t really like being held but is sociable and would probably become moreso.

Elsa — white with gray splotches, one year old. Lap cat and shy but more curious and outgoing than Gabby. Also has a good motor.

Such a hard decision…! Any suggestions? =)

PS: as of today (Monday), I think I’m going to adopt Gabby and Elsa tomorrow… we’ll see…