Exciting News

Some of you heard that my original housing situation stopped working a while ago — personal and farm conflicts made it a bit of an unpleasant place to live. I’ve been living in a room in a tiny house, but I applied for another house on farm. I was just told yesterday that I was given the apartment in Avalon!! Avalon is a family house with an apartment attached, and the family that will be moving in is a great family. Stephanie and Matthew are my age with a very well-behaved son named Benjamin (now 14 months) and another baby on the way. My apartment is attached to their house and yet is enough separate that I can completely treat it as my own space — the best of both worlds (shared housing and individual housing). I have a small bedroom, a large living room, and a nice bathroom. Laundry is in the basement (I’ll be sharing it with the McMahons). The house is less than a minute walk from main house and a three minute walk from Topside (the volunteer house). And I can now have a cat!!! It’ll take a bit to really move in and figure out what furniture I need / want… and I don’t have a phone yet… but I’m uber excited!

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