Correction of Assumptions

For the sake of clarity, which is usually, I find, a good thing:

I don’t know how far the word has gotten that I have a boyfriend… so I’m choosing to correct it with my blog rather than trying to catch it individually. I do not, in fact, have a boyfriend. I have a friendboy who is really important to me (Seth), but with whom I have no dating or marriage future — he wants to be a priest, and I can think of nothing better for him to be. This does not disappoint me when I think about it — I am quite happy with our friendship, I am sure that we will be committed to our friendship regardless of where we both go, and I remain generally content in my singlehood. So I appreciate the concern/excitement and desire to know/understand that has prompted the rumors, but I wanted to make sure the rumors are truthful before they spread any further. I promise that if/when I have a boyfriend I will let you all know and pass around pictures, etc. =)

I love you all…!

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