More exciting news!

I now am the owner of two beautiful and very nice cats. Elsa, 1 year old and gray and white, is super skinny right now because she just decided to eat this morning after starving herself for four or five days — she’ll get more beautiful as she fattens up again. Gabby is a gorgeous 2-year-old brown tabby with white nose, bib, and paws. She has a permanent grumpy-face — her nose is too big and her ears are set too far back — but she is one of the sweetest cats I’ve ever met (which is saying a lot!). They both slept with me last night (progress, as they haven’t up to this point been able to be on the bed together) — Elsa at my calves and Gabby under the covers by my side. They are both huge cuddle-butts but are getting more playful as they get more used to their surroundings. I’ll try to post pictures as I have them (and as I figure out how to get pictures from my camera onto the computer).

Can you tell I’m excited about having cats? It’s been five years (way too long!) without cats…

Oh, and I got fabric to make curtains for my apartment. How exciting! Now, if only I had my sewing machine and sewing box here with me… Thanks to Shelly for letting me borrow hers.

But for now, my apartment looks hurricane-ravaged. So it’s off to do some cleaning before I head to Stockbridge Festival Chorus.

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