Reflections, Theology

Paul and Practical Theology

In New Testament class we've been talking about Paul's first letter to the Corinthians (or at least the first one we still have), and my professor almost bursts at the seams with all his excitement. He loves the book because it gets down and dirty, addressing very particular situations within the Corinthian church that are… Continue reading Paul and Practical Theology


That peace may prevail on earth…

True and lasting peace is not something we stumble upon -- true peace is something we teach and learn, pursue and build, invest in and harvest. If we hope to have peace in our world, we need to begin by teaching our children about the paths of peace more than they are taught about the… Continue reading That peace may prevail on earth…


Ash Wednesday Reflection

We mortals are in an odd and tremendous place. We reach for eternity; we know somehow, deep within, that there is more somewhere – more love, more peace, more abundant life. We glimpse stars that seem to be within our grasp, and we cannot help but reach for them. And at the same time, we… Continue reading Ash Wednesday Reflection


Fasting and feasting

Here's why I fast: I fast in Lent as a preparation. Just as one heroic act is made possible by a lifetime of little heroic acts, just as a marathon cannot be safely run without days, weeks, months, even years of training; likewise, if I am going to run the race of faith, dare the… Continue reading Fasting and feasting


Transfiguration Sunday

Today, on the Sunday when we tell the story of Jesus on the mountain glowing and joined by Moses and Elijah, I am fascinated by the role of awe in our lives. Abraham Joshua Heschel says “Our goal should be to live life in radical amazement…. To get up in the morning and look at… Continue reading Transfiguration Sunday



I've been thinking a lot about our conversation about the Spirit. In it, we talk a little about the difficulty of creating an "ology" around the Spirit and the uncatchable nature of this wind, the untamable nature of the fire that is the Spirit. Because of this, I have been thinking about the ways in… Continue reading Apo-what-ic?

NuDunkers, Reflections

NuDunkers: Pneumatology

Here is a link to the NuDunker discussion about pneumatology (the study of the Holy Spirit). This group has started sponsoring google hangouts among Church of the Brethren people, looking at the practices and theology of our denomination, especially as that connects with the church of today and looks toward the church of the future.… Continue reading NuDunkers: Pneumatology


Rizpah, my new heroine

Below is a presentation I gave about Rizpah. There are a few different ways to read the passage, but I chose to read it according to the "little tradition" -- the tradition that roots for the little guys and that seeks after justice. I chose that reading of it because it was both the most… Continue reading Rizpah, my new heroine


God Showing Off

How do I describe it? It was a triple full rainbow... the main one had a second, fainter one just below it (touching it, one bow, two rows of colors). And then there was a smaller but still full rainbow a fair bit below it. You could see the "ends" of the main rainbow, and… Continue reading God Showing Off