NuDunkers Hangout on Worship and Authority

Here's the youtube video of today's conversation on worship and authority. In the next few days we will be posting follow-up reflections (and somewhere in there someone will recap for you the 10 minutes of discussion that happened after the technical glitch kicked us off the youtube feed). It was a very enriching conversation to… Continue reading NuDunkers Hangout on Worship and Authority

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NuDunkers: Worship and Authority

A smattering of thoughts, in absence of anything that seems to hold together much... Last night I heard an Orthodox monk speak of the seed of the Spirit that lays dormant in each of us until we choose to nurture it and cultivate it. He spoke of authority in the Orthodox tradition as coming from… Continue reading NuDunkers: Worship and Authority

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God-talk and dancing

NuDunkers are gearing up for another conversation, this time about how Church of the Brethren folk do our God-talk. The brothers and sister who have so far commented on this have written beautiful and impassioned and historical statements about the Church of the Brethren's mode of doing most of our God-talk and God-knowing with our… Continue reading God-talk and dancing

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NuDunkers Meet Prodigal Christianity, The Sequel: Throat Clearing and Corrections

Almost two weeks ago now, the NuDunkers had another hangout conversation, this time with the authors of Prodigal Christianity, Geoff Holsclaw and David Fitch. In my world in the mean time, finals happened, along with the quilting-hibernation-letdown of the weekend after. While I've been away, the discussion has continued... You can catch some of this… Continue reading NuDunkers Meet Prodigal Christianity, The Sequel: Throat Clearing and Corrections

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Jesus is Lord! Therefore…

I have been reading the book Prodigal Christianity written by Geoff Holsclaw and David Fitch, both professors and pastors of Life on the Vine in Chicago. In it, the authors engage with Emergent and Neo-Reformed models and theologies, both affirming and seeking to go beyond or correct them, in favor of a missional model of… Continue reading Jesus is Lord! Therefore…

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NuDunkers: Pneumatology

Here is a link to the NuDunker discussion about pneumatology (the study of the Holy Spirit). This group has started sponsoring google hangouts among Church of the Brethren people, looking at the practices and theology of our denomination, especially as that connects with the church of today and looks toward the church of the future.… Continue reading NuDunkers: Pneumatology