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NuDunkers: Worship and Authority

A smattering of thoughts, in absence of anything that seems to hold together much... Last night I heard an Orthodox monk speak of the seed of the Spirit that lays dormant in each of us until we choose to nurture it and cultivate it. He spoke of authority in the Orthodox tradition as coming from… Continue reading NuDunkers: Worship and Authority


Be careful what you wish for…

I just got back from the Church of the Brethren Annual Conference, and I find myself swimming in reflections about the shape of the church in that gathering. Here is one of those: I often find myself among feminist and liberationist colleagues in Boston, and in those theologies there is an emphasis on egalitarian community… Continue reading Be careful what you wish for…


“Let us pray” and authority

A former worship professor of mine wrote a great (if slightly ranting) blog post the other day about the theological and practical difference between "Will you join me in prayer?" and "Let us pray."  That post sparked a lot of Facebook discussion, which prompted her to post three other really good blog posts.  If you're… Continue reading “Let us pray” and authority

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On Children… A Teaching Philosophy?

Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself. They come through you but not from you, And though they are with you yet they belong not to you. You may give them your love but not your thoughts, For they have their own thoughts. You may… Continue reading On Children… A Teaching Philosophy?


Quicksand, zombies, and the church

This morning I listened to a RadioLab podcast about quicksand that began with the observation that children in schools are not afraid of quicksand, though people of their parents' generation were. The reporter, in his work to discover why this changed, noticed that the height of use of quicksand scenes in movies was in the… Continue reading Quicksand, zombies, and the church


Sabbath delight

I am thirsting for rest -- not just for rest of body, but also rest of spirit. I thirst for a chance to step out of my important work to remember my true place in the delightful work of God. So tomorrow I am determined to begin a Sabbath practice again. In preparation for that,… Continue reading Sabbath delight


Questions Reframed, #1

I mentioned in a previous comment that I find myself needing to reframe the typical Protestant questions / debates before I can articulate Church of the Brethren beliefs. Because I have studied ecumenical theology, I understand the questions, but the questions themselves don't quite make sense in a Brethren context. So, here's the beginning of… Continue reading Questions Reframed, #1

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NuDunkers Meet Prodigal Christianity, The Sequel: Throat Clearing and Corrections

Almost two weeks ago now, the NuDunkers had another hangout conversation, this time with the authors of Prodigal Christianity, Geoff Holsclaw and David Fitch. In my world in the mean time, finals happened, along with the quilting-hibernation-letdown of the weekend after. While I've been away, the discussion has continued... You can catch some of this… Continue reading NuDunkers Meet Prodigal Christianity, The Sequel: Throat Clearing and Corrections


One more musing for tonight…

...a thought I might've posted on Facebook, if I hadn't given it up for Lent! All you Brethren out there... heck, all you Christians out there... I think we should revive the practice of calling each other sister and brother. Just sayin'. And now I shall sign off and wait for it to catch on...… Continue reading One more musing for tonight…


Suffering, Perseverance, Character, Hope

I am slowly emerging from a bout of strep throat -- perhaps the most physical pain I've felt in a while.  I slept fitfully for almost two days, waking mostly to drink water and take medicine.  Once I woke up literally shaking my dreaming fist at my pain and screaming at it to go away.… Continue reading Suffering, Perseverance, Character, Hope