Blast from the past

Hi, folks.

I apologize if you are one of the people who get emails about this blog — you just got a bunch of them!  I discovered that my old blog was in the process of disappearing but that I could still access the admin site.  So I decided to transfer all 90 posts over  here.  I backdated them to the original publish date so they’re at the very bottom.  If you’re interested in a blast from the past starting 13 years ago, have at it!  If you’re not, you totally have my blessing to ignore it all!  It’s from 2005 (when I moved to Gould Farm) through 2010 (when I left Iona).

That blog began my use of the handle “shapeastarlaura” which evolved into “starpilgrim” — that was based on a dream I had that I was at a party and somehow discovered that if I gathered a handful of fire from a bonfire, I could throw it straight up and it would become a distant star.  Others saw me doing it and joined me and we were all enjoying the star-making party immensely.  One girl made the most beautiful stars of all, but she could not see them, so she was convinced she was doing it wrong.  Despite the rest of us trying to show her and encourage her, she went away disappointed.

From that dream, I wrote this poem that has been on the sidebar of the old blog…

Some people dream of catching stars,
to glean from them some light.
But I would like to shape a star,
send whirling into flight

The product of my passion’s fire;
to mold with naked hands
and feel the searing pain of flesh
as star grows bold and grand.

If then I offer it to God,
I fling with all my might
and gasp as it, a piece of me,
assumes its place in night.
~L. Stone

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