I love teaching piano.

I currently have three students in various stages of learning piano (and more asking for lessons… but, on a wise friend’s advice I’ve set my limit at three for now). They are all working pretty hard and eager to learn whatever I can teach them as quickly as I can teach them.

But one of the interesting things about teaching is that it requires a certain amount of listening to yourself… I feel much more obligated to practice piano now… and, when I do practice, to do the kind of tedious practicing of one or two measures at a time that I keep harping on for my students. And the “it’s better to do some practicing every day than to do a lot of practicing all at once” thing…

Yeah. So I’m finding it can be annoying and hard (and yet very rewarding) to be forced to listen to your own wisdom (and the inner piano-teacher-of-the-past voice… thanks, mom, for the great foundation!). It is certainly improving my piano skills!

Speaking of which, I think it’s time to practice…

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