So I’m pretty unabashedly, undeniably type A. I like things in nice neat piles, I like to organize and delegate ad nauseum, I know where everything goes (even though it’s not always put there, it all has a place), I stay busy and get things done quickly and well, I keep track of every last detail.

And then there’s half of my team, who are type B… I find that when I encounter them, especially when I am planning some event with them, I become super-A (a personality sometimes verging on my evil twin).

My team decided (a week before the 4th of July) that there should be a full day of activities. And they further decided that M and I should plan them. No sooner had the meeting adjourned than M and I sat down and met. Twenty minutes later, I had a flier prototype and a to-do checklist ready to go — I’m headed into my weekend and the last thing I want to do in the middle of my weekend is to have to plan farm activities.

I was proud of myself.

Then I encountered my teammates — I said “there’s a checklist” and M said “why do we need a checklist? we can just communicate”. I thought (but didn’t say, though I should have) “that’s precisely what I have done — communicate.”

I said “can you announce this tomorrow?” K said “why tomorrow? there’s a whole week left.” I thought “but why not tomorrow? There’s only a week to drum up enthusiasm. Besides, how hard is it to announce something?” I said “aaarrrggghhh. I’m going to take a walk.”

I said “here’s the schedule.” J said “I can help.” I said “okay. what do you want to do?” J said “I dunno. I’ll let you know eventually.” I left. “no worries” they all say. “it’ll just happen.” in the mean time it’s me that’s making it “just happen.”


I give up. I’ve done my part for now. I’m letting go and I’m going to be bitter about it (oh, wait… does bitterness mean that I’ve let go? ;)) and I’m going to pretend that it will, in fact, just happen.

Whine, complain, gripe, moan…

Did you know that type A people have higher incidence of heart disease? I’m convinced it’s because there are so darn many type B people in the world! 😉

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