Inspiration… how long will it last?

I was looking at various others’ blogs and came away from the experience with a mix of awe, guilt, and inspiration… So I’m going to include links to some of them on the sidebar now for you all to read — Life in Avalon is the blog of the mother of the family in whose house my apartment is. (did that make any sense? just goes to show that correct grammar is not always the best way to get a point across…). Traveling Shoes is a blog of a friend here at the farm (who I’m trying to convince not to leave, but who is determined to see the world and to do it well).

I figure this will perhaps inspire me to blog more often. Or, if it doesn’t, it’ll give you all (millions of fans that you are) something interesting to read in the mean time.

I want to go to bed — I just finished working second shift and have a meeting in the morning…

So no more tonight… but perhaps more soon.

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