Gould Farm Dictionary, part 2

Hump day / Dump day — Wednesday… it’s the day the farm takes its recycling and trash to the dump on “dump run”. Say the word again if you didn’t get it the first time. Nao (the guest who came up with that idea), we’ll miss you terribly.

Container — the thing we are supposed to try to put “the elephant” in after we “process” it, but alas the container is usually way too small… Just try keeping a discussion about which stairs to use to less than 15 minutes… And that’s only a piece of kale (not even a sixth the size or wiggly-ness of “the elephant”).

Piggyback — if you hear someone say “kale” in a meeting and you are thinking of something like “lettuce”, you must do this — jump in and speak about lettuce because it reminds you of kale or has something to do with kale or could possibly have something to do with kale. And then, if someone hears you say “lettuce” and they are thinking of “Christmas trees”, they will in turn piggyback. This is essential to get the full effect of “processing”.

Kale — what is that steamed green stuff on the buffet line, anyway? And haven’t we had it every day for the last seven months? Ah, yes, our gardeners grow lots of things, but their forte this year was the ever beloved kale. Thank you, Bastian and Flavio, our chefs with really cute accents, for the harvest report involving the kale cooking competition… It was impressive.

Harvest reports — the time at Thanksgiving when maintenence men put drills in holsters and cowboy hats on heads and sing opera; when residential people collect adjectives for mad libs involving “Snotty House” and searching for people “in the lagoons”; when farmers recite poetry (but, wait… at GF, that happens year round…); when kitchen folk stage a kale cookoff… You get the point. Join us for Thanksgiving sometime — it’s worth it just for the kale and the harvest reports.

Enough for now… I’m sure I’ll think of more as time goes on.

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