Blanket Blessing Worship

I am a chaplain at Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  When someone is dying or has died, we lay over them blankets that volunteers have created, as signs of God’s presence and love in the midst of death and loss.  Their loved ones then take those blankets home, as a reminder of connection and strength in their time of grief.  Periodically we have a chapel service in which we thank the creators of those blankets and bless the blankets together.

This is a service I prepared for that purpose.  It is taken mostly from the Iona Community Morning Worship, but tweaked for an interfaith context and following the blessing theme.  Please feel free to use it as desired, in whole or in part, with proper attributions.  I’d love to know what you used it for, too, if you are willing to share.  Please let me know ahead of time if you want to adapt the parts I wrote.

Blanket blessing

Blanket blessing bulletin


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