Broken Yet Beloved chapel service

Andover Newton Chapel Services

Above is a link to the recordings of Andover Newton chapel services. I was invited to design and lead a chapel service on March 13, and I chose (thanks to some comments of NuDunkers rattling around in my head) to explore the theme of confession and reconciliation, especially as those are embodied in community. My preferred style of worship is to center it around a ritual/symbolic action that is connected vitally to a scripture (or sometimes a story), so there is no official sermon here. The video’s not great and the sound is really not good… but you get the idea.

As always with things I share here, feel free to use any of it. Just give me credit for any words you quote, and drop me a line telling me about it (if you use a whole service or a large concept).

Thanks in this service goes also to Korte Yeo (the monologue actor), Enid Greenhouse (directing consultant for the monologue), Burns Stanfield (the pianist/music director), Willie Sordillo (the saxophone player), and Gerald Liu (the acting director of Wilson Chapel and the person I bounced my ideas off of).

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