Pentecost Hymn

Can be sung to any 10 10 11 11 meter tune… like Hanover…

And it’s a John Bell special — copyright 1992, 2002 WGRG (yes, as musician at the Iona Community, I’m getting appropriately anal about copyright)

God’s Spirit is Here

God’s Spirit is here that never alone

the followers of Christ need face the unknown.

The fount of all living is leading the dance,

dismantling old systems that earth might advance.

She banishes sin, eradicates fear,

lets hesitant faith affirm God is here,

til, living like Jesus and blessed by his name,

we bind up the broken and lift up the lame.

She defuses hate and raises the dead,

becalming life’s storms removing all dread.

So that we might serve God, confirmed from above,

she tests us with fire and aflames us with love.

So seek out the lost, and share out the pain,

and love at such cost that all rise again.

God’s lamplighting spirit is dancing the way

through dark into dawning, from night into day.

May it be so.

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