So, what does the musician do in the winter, exactly?

Funny you should ask… another good question that I seem to be getting a lot lately…

The answer is, I’m not sure. I am the first musician they’ve ever had stay through the winter, so no one is quite sure. I do know that one possibility that I’m trying to work out is for me to go to Glasgow and work with the Wild Goose Resource Group / John Bell / Graeme Maule during January.

We also have guests for at least 3 weeks in the winter, including Christmas, at which time there is a big celebration leading up to Christmas and including a Christmas eve service, Christmas morning service, etc.

Resident staff also often take their vacation during that time.

And I plan on practicing as long as I can in the refrigerator-like abbey (last night as I was teaching the songs, I could see my breath… thank goodness for the portable electric heater by the piano and my housemate who is an expert at knitting fingerless gloves…), and I have a lot of investigating to do before I am familiar with what all is available to me in the loft in terms of resources. I also want to do some more organizing and planning of possible Big Sing and Wee Sing and workshop material before the season starts in earnest. It’s been very easy so far to work 60 hour weeks, so any pre-planned stuff I can do during the season will be good.

And then, if all that happens and I’m still bored (doubtful, but…) there will only be two housekeepers, so I might just help them a bit…

Winter schedule starts in a week. Here we go! =)

By the way, I’m loving my job (in case you were wondering). I get paid to do all the stuff I love to do, especially the teaching about sacred music and the playing piano and directing choirs. More later. I’m off to take a nap.

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