Three random posts

Christ is Risen!

He is Risen, Indeed!

My favorite Emily Dickinson poem was used in church this morning, and I include it here as my “thing to ponder on Easter Sunday”:

Tell all the truth but tell it slant,

Success in circuit lies,

Too bright for our infirm delight

The truth’s superb surprise;

As lightning to the children eased

With explanation kind,

The truth must dazzle gradually

Or every man be blind.

(ps, the above is probably not the correct punctuation / capitalization… I’ll get the correct version up soon)

Indeed, it is through coming round and round and round to this time of year, through the seasons and the sermons, the experiences and the exhortations, that we begin to see / experience / know Truth bit by bit. Blessings in living this Easter. Blessings in the gradual dazzling of Truth.


So I keep hearing the name “Marcel Proust” — twice recently in episodes of Gilmore Girls, twice in episodes of LOST, a few times in the movie Little Miss Sunshine, once this morning on NPR, and two weekends ago in the musical South Pacific — and I’m finally curious enough to actually look it up… Does anyone know anything about Proust? Is he someone all educated people are supposed to know about or something?


Scotland, here I come!

My father’s seminary class is going to the Iona Community, the intentional Christian community I worked in for a summer as a housekeeper… and Dad is paying my way to go along… Holy cow!

So off I go, back to the 3 mile by 1 mile island that is a ferry-bus-ferry transit from the mainland of Scotland; back to the island where work and worship intermingle in tangible and enriching ways; back to the island where the ancient and the current are constantly in creative dialogue, where faith is both contemplative and dynamic, practical and transcendent.

Och, aye, it will be a trip to remember. Perhaps I will love it so much again that I will simply not come home…

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