Cat Breath

I had one of Gould Farm’s famous feta / pesto / tomato pizza pieces last night, and it had two whole cloves of garlic on it. I’m a garlic fan, but 2 whole cloves is still a lot to consume straight up. So I picked them off and left them on a plate on (what I thought was) a non-cat-reachable place in my apartment. Later I looked and they were gone, as I had feared, into one of my cats’ stomachs.

Later enough for me to forget about that, I smelled something really pretty potent. At first I was afraid it was me or something outside my window or something stuck in my wall… I kept smelling and it seemed to come and go… I soon noticed that it coincided with the appearance and disappearance of Gabby… I smelled my cat, and the mystery of which cat had eaten the garlic cloves was instantly solved.

Now the only mystery left is how to get a cat to eat a breath mint… A full twenty-four hours later, she still smells awful.

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