New Fun Stuff

Notice the new links on the sidebar —

Free Rice is a website that supposedly donates 20 grains of rice to feed the hungry for every vocabulary word you get right… I mostly do it for the vocab practice. Sometimes I think most of the world’s wrongs could be set aright if enough people knew enough vocabulary to express themselves and generally communicate well… But then I notice in the mirror that I look a little too Orwellian, and I back away from my soap box. Ah the life of displaced English majors.

The program tailors the difficulty of the words it gives you, based on which words you get right or wrong — very cool. Thanks to my Latin knowledge, my highest level so far is level 43… yes, I’m bragging. Thank you, Miss Hardebeck (my Latin teacher who told us she had had half her brain taken out… true? I don’t know. It seemed feasible.)

I also added the link to the seminary I took a class from last semester (Andover Newton in Boston). It’s one of my top three picks of seminaries at the moment, though, I find that my ranking seems to change every year or so.

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