MummyDearest and BigBro, two of my neigbors (LilSis and Hubby, being the other two). See MummyDearest’s blog for more and better pictures. It’s so fun when BigBro comes to “Lolie’s home”.  (I’ve lost my pictures of those guys… BigBro was then about 3 and LilSis was about 1… now they are both teenagers, I think!)

Then, Gabby — my cuddle-butt with a permanent grumpy face (don’t be fooled!). She’s three and a half now.  Then, Elsa — too curious for her own good, sometimes… Two and a half years old now.  BigBro would line up all his trucks in front of my door.  And their high-maintenance, super-energy puppy liked to visit the cats, much to their chagrin.