For y’all who have given up on my ever blogging again…

So, there’s no excuse. So I won’t even try to give one.

Here’s some of what’s going on in Laura life.

I’m learning organ from a man in Pittsfield and getting to play on some pretty awesome instruments. What a power trip! And my feet are finally starting to do what I’m telling them to do. My organ teacher is trying to have me build a repertoire for a funeral so that I can start playing for some of those and making money.

I’m on Parish Council for the UCC church (for which I’m also church pianist), and the pastor and I have started having weekly “staff meetings” (just her and me). On Parish Council I’m Mission Chair.

Our new team is coming along. Seth and I have found ourselves doing constant orientation, but people are nearly always holding their own now. We have Mark and Molly at McKee House, Kellen and I at East House, and Seth and Ellen at Orchard House. Pattie switches between the houses and is our manager.

The farm just had another board weekend and is looking toward the holidays — Halloween being the first… all the way through New Year’s.

I’ve not been reading a lot, but I have been cross stitching a lot again. Soon it will be crocheting weather. Watch out for crocheted Christmas presents… I’m hoping to curb my hands and not go that overboard, but… who knows.

I’m still teaching one of our guests piano and am loving that… making me think that I might offer my services in that way more later in life.

Speaking of later in life, I’m half-heartedly looking into grad schools… but I think I might stay here for another year (making 3 years total)… I have yet to decide that for sure, though.

The pond was cleaned out (all the weeds were raked off the surface) so that we can have a good skating surface when it freezes. I can’t believe it’s already that time of year again. This year and three months has seemed to fly past.

That’s all for now. Feel free to ask me questions — let me know what you are interested in knowing about. This has become so normal to me that I don’t really know what things are exceptional to you / what things you don’t know and would like to know.

Take good care of yourselves!

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