Book reviews

April and May Reading List

DreamGiver — written by the same man who wrote Prayer of Jabez (a book I refuse to read). Had I not figured this out after reading half of the book, I likely wouldn’t have read it. It’s okay — a kind of cutesy, feel-good theology that tends to be too conservative for my beliefs but with a few interesting / important points. But it’s a book a friend of mine will love… So I’ll pass it on.

Same Soul, Many Bodies — lent to me by a guest, about reincarnation and healing through hypnosis and progression / regression into past and future lives. It was fascinating and slightly convincing (I’m pretty skeptical when it comes to reincarnation). But I’d still have to see it to believe it. Really interesting read, though.

Angels and Demons — prequel to DaVinci Code with much the same structure. If you are careful not to believe most of the pieces presented in the story, it’s a great read. Picks up as a theme the tension between science and religion. I’ll let you know more of what I think when I get it finished.

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