Attitude Check

A friend of mine just talked to me about how we choose each day how we are going to respond to life… Ah, how true… And yet how hard to live by! Isn’t it so much easier to blame other people for our difficulties / emotions / attitudes? God grant the grace…

I am currently on vacation from the farm, taking a quick tour of Indiana before heading back. I am reminded once again of how many meanings the word “home” has had for me in the last few years. Now I talk about coming home to IN and then going home to MA. I suppose it’s much better to have too many homes than to not have enough homes. =) I’m grateful for all the people who make my “homes” possible.

I am glad for the opportunity to step away from the sometimes-intensity of the farm. From the outside I’m seeing even more clearly how “right” it is (if there is such a thing as absolute right) for me to be in MA for the time.

K… enough rambling… I’m headed off to watch Will and Grace (one of my favorite TV shows; TV, incidentally, is something I don’t have at the farm and don’t often miss… but it’s nice to have some time to veg in front of the tube for now). I apologize for the length between blogs and recommit myself (as much as possible) to go back to once-a-week posts. But in the mean time, feel free to let me know what kinds of things you would like to see on here — sometimes I feel like I’m running out of ideas and thus typing without purpose.

Until I talk to you next, blessings, friends!

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