Residential people

These are people on my team (again, names you might hear now and then):

Shelly — our supervisor, energetic, new dog owner, artist, really good at making her needs known in a helpful way, thoughtful and compassionate, intentional about most things she does

Michelle — staff, process oriented, working toward being a nurse, quiet and straightforward, likes driving (which is good because many of the rest of us don’t, particularly)

Mark — staff, methodical and deliberate,

{I must stop and tell you this… the parrot outside the window, between laughing and asking for a cigarette, just acted like a chicken… Ya gotta love Patron, the man-eating parrot! Back to Mark…}

just got medication certified with me, used to be a lobster boat sailor, has (among other antiques) two pair of antique glasses frames that he uses

Rebecca — staff, great curly hair, artist, wears huge-brimmed hats and looks good in them, laid back but very effective at what she does, very trusting and yet not naive, leads things like tubing trips, massage therapist, hoping to study dance therapy

Seth — volunteer, very Catholic and very proud of it, thinking about becoming a priest, loves to laugh, is more anal than I am, and (get this…) asks even more questions than I do, compassionate and intuitive

So, as you perhaps can begin to see, it’s a strong team with wonderful people who are different but balance each other out in their differences. Unfortunately we’re usually all in the same place for only about two hours a week… And there’s room for at least one more person (though there’s a proposal for more staffing down the road), so if you know of anyone… give them a nudge. Or if you are that person, check out the link to Gould Farm and then give me (or the farm) a call or an e-mail or something.

Alright… I’m off to rest and see if I can make friends with this noisy imitator of just about everything who has a penchant for eating fingers… Yay, Patron.

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