Gould Farm blast from the past…

I have discovered that my old blog is no longer letting people view it, and I don’t want to lose everything I wrote there, so I’m beginning the process of shifting those things onto this blog.  Pardon the blast from the past… ignore it or enjoy it, as you like!

*** 9/3/05 ***

These are the people who live with me in my house — you’ll likely hear their names every once in a while:

Edd — former mayor of a small town in NY, in his 60s, quite boistrous with a great radio voice, loves to talk about anything that involves opinions, maintenence man extraordinaire

Ben — Church of the Brethren by birth, in his early 20s, maintenece man extraordinaire two, calm but confident young man who thinks deeply and works hard.

Sarah — psychology graduate from Missouri, 22 years old, quite bubbly, has a boyfriend and a hampster, one of which we are pet sitting for the week ;), part of the Roadside team and the McKee School team.

Marcelle — mellow, compassionate woman of 37ish, garden team, dancer, worked in a mental hospital before coming here, from TN, family was living in New Orleans.

*** 9/3/05 ***

Blue skies smilin’ at me! It’s absolutely gorgeous here — the crisp fall air creeping in, making every image just a little bit sharper.

It’s been a busy week here at the farm. It’s harvest season for some new things like squash and corn, and hay has been needing to come in, making lots of work for the farmers and gardeners here. Sushi “came fresh” (Sushi, the cow, had her calf) this week. Another volunteer got fired very quickly — for good reason and with good process this time, but it still creates more stress. A new volunteer (Sarah) from Missouri came to live at Fairview and is fitting in amazingly well. Last night we had pizza made in the brick oven one of our farmers built (mmm, nummy) and icecream (wow, was it good!). One of our guests provided guitar improv music for the bash. What a great time!

Tanglewood was wonderful. I got some pictures that are probably not much good, but… at least they’re something. Did you know that John Williams composed music and was music conductor for over 100 films? I knew he was amazing, but I guess I didn’t know how amazing. He’s a great conductor to watch for tips.

Monday is labor day, so most of the people here are off work then. Residential team doesn’t get holidays off, but Mondays are my day off anyway. I’m organizing and leading a waterballoon tossing contest and there are many other festivities going on here, as well.

I’ve asked around about interest in a farm choir and am getting emphatic “yes!”-es from all corners. It’s even spread through the rumor mill and made it’s way back to me… So now *all* I have to do is find time and find music. If you know anyone who would have old music they would be willing to donate, let me know!

I began going to a Bible study in Monterey that reminds me a little bit of the Bible study mom and dad used to host at our house in Kokomo — a pretty good age range (especially now with me included) and some interesting theological differences, along with good individual and communal support.

I’ve not had time to write individual letters… I’m hoping to get some time this evening or tomorrow evening, but tomorrow promises to be a fun but full day with friends coming to visit and a volunteer meeting that I somehow got roped into facilitating… And I thought my facilitating days were over with college… =)

Blessings, friends.

*** 9/1/05 ***

Exciting news — someone donated to the farm 20 Tanglewood shed tickets and money for dinner for 20 people. Thus, I’m getting to go tonight to see the Boston Pops with John Williams conducting and Josh Groban singing!! I’ll let you know how it is, though I can’t imagine it being anything but incredible.

Links I just added: I’ve been thinking a lot about the similarities and differences between the Church of the Brethren (the denomination that has my heart) and United Church of Christ (the denomination that has my presence at the moment). Thus, I included the links to both and would love to hear your feedback. Also on the sidebar is a link to Gould farm’s website and a link to the Massachusetts Government website that has some varied information about MA.

The church I’m going to here in Monterey is incredible — the pastor is a young woman who is scholarly, prophetic, and sensitive; the congregation is a small one but a vital one; the services include much silence, singing, and a time for the congregation to talk about personal reflections based on the pastor’s sermon. It will be a fun church to learn from and be a part of for a while. (Plus, they have a piano that I can use to practice on…)

Today I will be doing one of the more tangible parts of my job here at the farm — I’m driving guests back and forth to Great Barrington, a town about 20 minutes away.

On that note, I will leave you to your jobs and your play…

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