Sabbath Hymn #4

To the tune of “How Deep the Father’s Love for Us” O God, we come to you this day / With tension, fear, and worry. / Our minds can scarcely slow their pace, / Our bodies cease their hurry. / Repent, Beloved, turn to me. / On six blessed days you labor, / But this,… Continue reading Sabbath Hymn #4


Sabbath Hymn #3

To tune of “Sing of the Lord’s Goodness” This is the beginning of all the creation. / This is the day life burst forth. / God sang into being all that is around us / In east and west, south and north. Refrain:  Sing praise to our God with wonder and rejoicing. / Sing of God's great… Continue reading Sabbath Hymn #3


Sabbath Hymn #2

To tune “Ellacombe” (“We Sing the Mighty Power of God”) On this blest day, the Queen of Days, / A palace built in time, / We come, O Holy One, to praise / And cherish things sublime. / All that we have is Yours alone. / Without You, who could stand? / So we delight… Continue reading Sabbath Hymn #2


Sabbath Hymn #1

This and the next 3 posts are hymns I wrote a couple years ago for a final project in a class on Jewish and Christian understandings of Sabbath. To the tune of “O, The Deep, Deep Love of Jesus” 1.  Sabbath sweetness fills our beings / Wrapping us in cloaks of love. / Full of… Continue reading Sabbath Hymn #1

Poems and prayers


Last weekend a stunningly varied group of people gathered to say goodbye to and honor a very dynamic and life-filled woman. I knew her as an amazing high school English teacher who tutored me (her student teacher) in her craft, and I knew her as a pilgrim with whom I had the privilege of walking… Continue reading Beauty


Marco-Polo and Crisis Care

Most of you probably know the game Marco-Polo… one person is blindfolded in the middle of a room or a pool, the others are moving around them not blindfolded. When the blindfolded person says “Marco,” the others must respond “Polo,” with the eventual aim that the Marco person finds the Polo people by following their… Continue reading Marco-Polo and Crisis Care


NuDunkers Hangout on Worship and Authority

Here's the youtube video of today's conversation on worship and authority. In the next few days we will be posting follow-up reflections (and somewhere in there someone will recap for you the 10 minutes of discussion that happened after the technical glitch kicked us off the youtube feed). It was a very enriching conversation to… Continue reading NuDunkers Hangout on Worship and Authority

NuDunkers, Reflections

NuDunkers: Worship and Authority

A smattering of thoughts, in absence of anything that seems to hold together much... Last night I heard an Orthodox monk speak of the seed of the Spirit that lays dormant in each of us until we choose to nurture it and cultivate it. He spoke of authority in the Orthodox tradition as coming from… Continue reading NuDunkers: Worship and Authority


Be careful what you wish for…

I just got back from the Church of the Brethren Annual Conference, and I find myself swimming in reflections about the shape of the church in that gathering. Here is one of those: I often find myself among feminist and liberationist colleagues in Boston, and in those theologies there is an emphasis on egalitarian community… Continue reading Be careful what you wish for…


When Life Becomes Intensely Physical…

This is a reflection I shared at Old South Church's Sunday evening service a few weeks ago. I hesitated to post it here because I don't want to be defined by my struggles, physical or otherwise. And yet, it has become so central to my current life and already in many ways so formative of… Continue reading When Life Becomes Intensely Physical…